Lauren Pixie, Air Thugger (Sneaking Into The Shower / Brazzers)

Sneaking Into The Shower May 28, 2022

Brazzers premium, Lauren Pixie’s roommate’s loud moans are keeping her up again, annoying her to no end. So, she heads to her roommate’s bedroom, ready to tell her to take it easy with the vibrator, only to see that she’s fucking Air Thugger – and not doing a very good job, flailing and screaming while Air Thugger just kind of lies there waiting for her to finally cum. Lauren likes what she sees in Air Thugger, however, and stays to peep and masturbate until he notices she’s there. Lauren quickly retreats to the bathroom, and Air Thugger soon follows, leading to sneaky cheating sex in the shower behind the lousy lay’s back!

Porn Stars : Lauren Pixie, Air Thugger

Trailer : Sneaking Into The Shower

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